Friday, April 29, 2005

Press Conference: Bush Rejects Frist’s Attack

Last night President Bush was asked if he agreed that there was an anti-religious agenda that was seeking to oppose his judicial nominees:

BUSH: … "I just don’t agree with it."

QUESTION: "You don’t agree with it?"

BUSH: "No. I think people oppose my nominees because of judicial philosophy."

QUESTION: "Sir, I asked you about what you think of…"

BUSH: "No, I know what you asked me."

QUESTION: "…the way faith is being used in our political debates, not just in society generally."

BUSH: "Well, I can only speak to myself. And I am mindful that people in political office should not say to somebody, you’re not equally American if you don’t happen to agree with my view of religion."

Some possibilities:

1) Bush is trying to calm a very acrimonious debate. By doing so he stands a better chance of getting his judges elected. (politics)

2) Bushs' advisors encouraged him to defuse the Frist situation because such a blatant interjection of religion into a secular government could potentially polarize the democrats (and voters), causing the power to shift back to the left in 08. (more politics)

3) Bush seriously believes that you can be an American, even if you don't agree with his view of religion. (personal conviction)

4) Various combinations of 1-3.

5) None of the above.

This much is certain: Over the next few days there should be some interesting comments from Dobson, Frist, and others on the uber right.

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