Monday, November 30, 2015

What Has Happened to Public Schools?

Why do we face such a sad situation in our public schools? Children are performing below accepted standards, SAT scores are declining, moral values are all but non-existent, and the optimism that once ruled America is being replaced with a deep pessimism and worry about the future. What is the cause of the problems in our schools today?

The most often thought of problem is money. The notion being that schools performance is directly related to the money spent per child. If this was true, then how does that correlate with the national average of over $17,000 per child, K-12 for public schools versus around $9,000 per child, K-12, for private schools. Now, I'm sure this number varies as I got this data from a study done by The Cato Institute, but regardless of whose numbers you use the relative nature of expenditures remains about the same.

Now, granted the public schools face costs not carried by private schools, including special needs kids, security and that. But that cost doesn't begin to explain the serious difference in results found in these different schools. And unlike what one person told, I don't believe that public school teachers are simply less effective than private school teachers. I'm going to try in this SBG Cast to offer a different perspective on the CAUSE of the problem. Within the context of this SBG Cast, I don't have the time to outline a solution, but if we can begin a dialogue around the true cause, perhaps a solution can be found.

There is a very special demarcation point in history where it's almost as if a light switch were turned off. A year that marks the beginning of decline in SAT scores, an increase in teen pregnancy, an increase in divorce, an increase in violent crime. This year is so directly reflective of these changes that it truly as if there was a world before it and a totally different world after it. That year is 1963.

What happened in 1963 was a Supreme Court decision that took prayer out of public schools for the first time. In Murray v. Curlett, 374 U.S. 203 (1963) - the Court found that forcing a child to participate in Bible reading and prayer was unconstitutional. So although that wasn't the first challenge to a generally accepted Judeo-Christian value set, it was the icing on the cake and for the first time, rather than the nations children having a shared moral compass provided in their homes and at their schools and looking UPWARD to solve issues, we began instead to look inward. We transitioned to an open and subjective moral compass. Now, I'm not going to suggest that the single problem underlying this spiraling out of control was that Supreme Court decision. But, I do believe you can correlate it directly when it is also tied to the enormous social changes that were forthcoming. The first true generation that went away to college, the first true generation that didn't have the financial worries that had been the reality in prior generations, and a generation that faced aggressively all forms of discrimination that had been rampant, most notably that against African-Americans. And we saw the beginning of general turmoil in the U.S. following John Kenney's assassination. When all of this is taken together, the changes occurring all throughout that decade and with the enormous growth in social welfare programs that over time have affected people's hopes and dreams and institutionalized poverty, we began to see the degeneration of our shared moral fiber, which in turn has directly led to the degeneration in performance in our schools.

What all this means is that the problems facing our public schools I believe can be directly tied back to the breakdown of the family, the breakdown in parental involvement to some extent driven by economic circumstances that force many couples to be two income, and to a breakdown in our shared moral values, notably affected by that Supreme Court decision in 1963. The data is unquestionable. Something happened in 1963, and that Court decision is the most likely change that began in schools.

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Who Let the Control Freaks Rule the World?

There are some really well-educated idiots out there and a lot of them are working for the government in various capacities. They are products of our socialist education system, largely liberal in politics (as one might expect) and think they know how the rest of us should live. They do everything they can to make sure that everyone else is forced to live as they say-and charge us every penny they can for that privilege.

Well...for all intents and purposes, their flawed system is breaking down...big time. The insanity will end soon because they cannot continue to support their ideology with picking the pockets of the populace. That would be because there isn't anything left in those pockets-they have picked those pockets dry. The public is mad; fighting mad and it is becoming far more common to hear the refrain from the movie "Network": "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Bravo, public; too bad it had to come to this to get people to take an active interest in politics. Of course, it was all engineered to keep the public asleep; 'they' didn't plan on the populace actually waking up and grabbing pitchforks and torches.

If you have tried to talk to any of those well-meaning dolts you will soon discover that they cannot be communicated with by rational people. They resort to insults and details about where they graduated from and who they work for (as if that makes any difference). They exude hate and get absolutely furious when someone who is not impressed with their demands turns away with a wave of "who cares?" Which is exactly what needs to happen more; just refuse to play their game. Let them know they are behaving improperly. Refuse to do what they want under any circumstances and you will be able to watch them melt down right in front of your eyes.

The amazing question about the whole thing is this: how did they grow up and get out into the work-force with the attitude that they are important and better than everyone else? Why didn't they get slapped down before they could get into positions of power? Hello? People allowed them to progress because they didn't want to deal with the nasty little buggers, that's how. Perhaps we need to return to those times when people who behaved so obnoxiously got punched out...and it may come to that soon. It takes a village to raise a child and unfortunately the villagers have been lazy, insane, or both. It's time for everyone to start taking responsibility for the way the world is. By doing your part and giving those obnoxious control freaks a hard time, perhaps they will eventually learn to be decent people.

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Economic Blues - The Beat Goes On

The Census Bureau reported that 43.6 million people lived in and or below the poverty level - 14.3% is the latest recording. I believe it's much worse than that. Getting people back to work while creating a climate for an ailing populace where recovery is the most prominent concern facing our country. This situation is the most paramount topic of debate amongst economists. The ruin is widespread, deep, and vastly profound. The major argument is that it will take many years of growth to recover. But on the other side of their faces they say the good news is "The Great Recession is officially over!" Haven't you heard the good news? Allow me to reiterate...the professional economists of these United States said, "The recession is officially over!" Now, I ask you, over for whom?

The television and radio programs playback over the airways - and cable and satellite too - many "come and get it" commercials. They say "come on down and buy this new car!" At the time of this scribe, the holiday shopping season once again presents us with gift giving challenges. The merchants and vendors are counting on a spending craze (as they do every year with designated seasons of celebration and money exchange). Their business - their very survival is based upon our ability to spend money - or the ability to charge it. Now I ask you... If half the country is out of work and losing unemployment benefits on a scale of phenomenal proportions - by the millions... How in the world can we afford to buy a new car, shop for and buy presents for the holidays, pay bills, buy food, purchase football tickets (the Philadelphia Eagles have raised their ticket prices by five dollars, with an average price nearing one hundred dollars a pop), and keep a roof over our heads - with NO MONEY?

The American populace is suffering in the worst financial crisis since the "Great Depression." It's simply amazing how someone or some entity is constantly trying to sell you and me something. It doesn't matter if it's a service or a product; they want us to buy it. Do they care if you and me have no money? Have you heard the car commercial tell us that we can buy a new car with no money down? Do you remember at the end of the spiel, the quick speaking voice noted the stipulation of the purchase requirement(s)? The cadence is spoken with subtlety - direct and quick, "this message is for well qualified buyers only!" You and me pay for television programs only to be inundated with commercials that we had originally hoped to avoid by hooking up from free TV in the first place. We have come to know there is no such thing as free TV any longer. They are everywhere. They're on the radio, cable and satellite TV, the Internet, the side and insides of taxicabs, trains and buses. The messages are posted on the outside of these vehicles as well. The messages to buy something are everywhere. They're in the bus stations, the train stations, the airports, the restaurants, and yes...the rest rooms too. The billboards up and down the highways and bi-ways continuously plaster human brains from everywhere - buy something.

How can we buy something - anything with no money?

I've previously written about the mechanisms in place that support the difficult task(s) of acquiring gainful employment with regard to the credit report. The viable candidate selection to job postings are based upon ones credit score and history. That's can't get a job unless your credit score is above the high seven hundreds. Is this practice fair? How can a person pay his/her bills with no job or the possibility of getting a job with this barrier in place? Today, people are expected to compete for employment opportunities in a tight job market where the competition is one job to every thousand persons. Am I the only one who realizes the applicant silo is in favor of the employer as opposed to the job seeker? Folks are expected to compete for employment where there isn't any - to spend money when there isn't any! The job market and jobs have moved to overseas and south of the border locations. But the good news is...the recession is over.

"A period which economic output shrinks is defined as something much narrower and more precise." Mr. John Cassidy, a blogger on the New Yorker, expresses the following statement. He began the message by espousing his position with an old saying: "a recession is when your neighbor is out of work, and a depression is when you are out of work." He further stated, "When professional economics talk about recessions, they mean something much narrower and more precise." According to the National Income Accounts, output and income both stopped contracting in June 2009. Still don't get it? That's when the recession ended.

The view from "The Hill" obviously looks very different from the view on the streets of America. This recession isn't over for millions of Americans - not by a damn sight! All income level brackets are troubled by this economy's future. One would think this translates into weak consumer spending and limited investments into businesses. Now we've all heard of the big fat bonuses that have been distributed throughout the Wall Street and financial communities, yes? How about the greedy companies that take their businesses out of the country so they can stuff their coffers with total profits that take everything from American workers?

Richard Eskow, a contributing writer on the Huffington Post brings an interesting point to the good news announcement. He wonders, via his posting, if it's true that a panel of economists actually announced the recession being over. Eskow also expressed another wonder... "If we're no longer in a crisis or if steps were taken to fix the economy aren't as urgently needed as they were before." I say, "Absolutely not!" The situation on the streets has not changed for millions of American People attempting to survive in this terrible economy - we continue to need jobs and a concerted government effort to create them.

The American People need jobs. America, in order to survive, must get its people back to work. Tools must be in place to rein in the runaway bankers who caused this mess in the first place. Their insatiable greed has taken the last piece of bread from the table of the people who built it.

Albeit, many economists don't expect employment levels to return to above the 5% to 6% level for another three years or more...I think it will take longer - much longer. The Wall Street performance and that of corporations are hoarding more cash than at any other time in American History, according to a Macon, Georgia telegraph. You and me can certainly believe that.

The market economy is based on demand, supply, price, and competition. Supply and demand are two of the basic concepts in economics. These interact with price and competition in a market economy. The economy functions, in part, due to the various groups it contains. The national economy of the U.S. is complex. Economists use a variety of measures to monitor and predict how the nation's economy is performing. In a world of constant economical change, opportunities arise. Change can also bring and cause major economical problems. It is important to understand the economic factors that influence the lives of people like you and me. It is also just as important to understand the decisions made by businesses and government around the world as well. The politicians seem to understand the situations rather well...they got pay raises and other incentives at our expense didn't they?

The jest of the matter is economists consider the things that keep us alive. These are considered "needs"; everything else is considered a "want." But in many cases, mostly all, what starts, as a "want" often becomes a "need."

Does this next line sound familiar? "I want that, I need that, I have to have it?" It's a limitless list. Our ability to satisfy the wants is usually limited and in many cases deadly. Debt has many facets and is a potential slave master. In this recession, one must learn to know what is truly needed and learn to abstain and/or separate from that which is not needed.

You and me by now have probably learned that you can't have everything you want. No one can have it all - not even the richest person in the world. In fact, the list of things we want is far greater than our ability to satisfy those wants. Economics deal with choices. It includes the choices business and government make as well. Facts also dictate that we cannot have everything we want; we have to make choices. Economic knowledge can help us make the most of limited resources. Think I'm wrong? Growing up poor will teach you economics, excluding the classroom version. The economics of survival, allows one to rebound. A reality check sets the tone. Poverty and/or the loss of everything owned could teach you how to survive in practically any economic environment...if one is strong enough to handle it. Ask any poor person. What do you think would happen to the "fat-cats" if they lost all they owned? Do you think they would jump from the nearest high-rise building window? It's been done. The Wall Street crash of 1929 caused many folks to jump from the highest windows available to their doom.

Economists profess to analyze the ways individuals, families, businesses, and nations focus on limited resources to satisfy unlimited wants and needs.

With all of this being said, are the census bureau, our President, the politicians, Wall Street, and the government adept at uplifting, restoring, and inspiring our return to prosperity for our posterity?

A wise man once said, "Many prophets will rise up and deceive many. And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold." Another wise man added, "Then if anyone says to you, look here or there - do not believe it. For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect."

Once upon a time in Rome, there came a warning to its ruler... "Caesar, beware the ides of March!"

Politicos, be forewarned.

Is it the economic blues? I don't know...but the beat goes on.

Till next time...

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Not Legalizing Online Poker in the US Is a Travesty

Millions of Americans play poker online (amongst other casino games), yet the United States government deems it illegal. The fact that they do this is simply ridiculous and, in fact, makes absolutely no sense economically. Instead of legalizing and regulating online poker to gain billions of dollars of revenue for our country, the government forces poker players to ship money offshore to countries that will gladly take our money.

The government cannot prevent millions of us from playing. They force banks to block our online gambling transactions, however, it does no good. All we have to do is get a prepaid Visa debit card or deposit the funds into our poker account through various other avenues. So while the United States government might think they are doing their part in preventing us from playing online, they are not. The only thing they are doing is making it slightly more of a pain in the backside to deposit our money.

Poker is a game of skill, not a game of chance like many people believe. There is absolutely no reason it shouldn't be legalized to play online, especially considering it is legal in casinos. I have heard the argument from advocates that it would take away from the local casino revenues. I do not buy that because, like I have already stated, millions of Americans are already playing poker online. If they legalize it, I wouldn't expect more than a 2% increase in number of players playing online. The other argument is the fear of so many people becoming addicted to the game. To that I ask, doesn't personal responsibility matter anymore?

Online poker is fun, it is a great game of skill, and there is absolutely no rational reason as to why it is illegal in the United States. Hopefully our government will eventually see the errors in their online poker philosophy and instead of forcing us to ship our money off to other countries, make it legal to play online and start generating billions of dollars in revenue by taxing it and bringing those offshore companies over here to help boost our economy.

Jon Sofen is an avid poker enthusiast.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Pat Downs, Body Scanners and the TSA Violating Your Rights!

At some point, the people that support the invasive and intrusive violations at the airport need to be reminded of their Constitutional rights. These rights are not granted as privileges by the government, you were born with these rights and they were given to you by your creator. The Constitution is not some ratty old scrap of paper that has lost it's value. No, the Constitution is more relevant now than maybe ever. The wisdom of the founding fathers is also a profound place to seek truth about who we are as Americans. So, please allow me to shed some light on very relevant wisdom in regards to these police state tactics being used by our federal government.

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

Do you actually get it? Most of us don't need the protection from the Federal corporation, especially when my personal liberties are at stake. I am quite capable of protecting myself and I think more people need to get out of the fear and accept that a war on terror is chasing an anonymous boogie man that you can never defeat, very similar to boxing your shadow.

"The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government." Patrick Henry 

Do you understand what this means? The government must be restrained by the PEOPLE! We are a constitutional republic, not a democracy, not a socialist regime. I think you know this, but fail to apply this in your thought process in regards to terrorism. Terrorism only succeeds when we sacrifice our way of life for a false sense of security which can never be achieved in any facet, so long as anyone can be a terrorist. This begs the question; Should we transform our nation into a dictatorship void of any liberty in the name of safety, or do we live as FREE people knowing full well death may come for us at anytime?
For me, and I think a great many others, we choose the latter. For when my time comes, there is no avoiding death, as my time, is my time. So I choose to live fearlessly and flaunt this in the face of anyone moronic enough to think they have any control over my life. While I do understand that a foolish lifestyle often ends in a timely death, I refuse to submit myself to the fears of terrorism. The folly of national security is that of dictators and tyrants, and I will have no part of it.

"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God." Thomas Jefferson

And in that last quote from Jefferson, I could not agree more. I will not, shall not, can not and will never be a subject of the corporate de facto government running our republic into the ground and transforming our great nation into a socialistic, technocratic dictatorship. I answer to the only power that governs my conscience, and that is God. My life, my family, my wealth and most importantly, my unalienable sovereign rights enumerated in the constitution, are all gifts from my creator and shall NOT BE INFRINGED.

Amendment IV
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Finally, maybe you are unfamiliar with the fourth amendment as exactly quoted from the Bill of Rights. Pay close attention to "be secure in their persons" and "probable cause", as this is clearly being violated in every sense by every aspect of body scanners and any pat down. Surely there are other means far less intrusive to detect a potential threat where the rights of the people are not infringed. For I fear if one is not soon found, you'll begin to see this spread beyond airports and into our schools, government buildings, courthouses and eventually, everywhere.

This ridiculous invisible boogie-man chasing has led us to the edge of an out-of-control, tyrannical brand of government where the Constitution is being shredded on a daily basis. When will you wake up and see what is happening? We need every voice to shout as one, "NO! I will not accept your tyranny!". The choice has always been yours, as it is for each of us. Keep the blinders on and ignore the elephant in the room, or, ring loudly the bell tower and alert the PEOPLE!

The best solution would be to not fly and stab the airlines right in the wallet with an economic bayonet. Since many will still have to fly, I suggest opting out of these porno scanners. When the pat down comes, make sure it's public and in front of everyone. Be sure to voice yourself loudly, yet politely, that this form of random search and seizure is a violation of your 4th amendment rights. Let everyone within the sound of your voice hear your opposition to the Nazi tactics being used against Americans. These tactics have nothing to do with security and everything to do with conditioning you into handing your rights over to the Federal government. You need to let your fellow Americans waiting in line to be microwaved by the porno scanner or pervert pat downs that this is ILLEGAL and highly UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

The pressure cooker has already been turned on by these Gestapo techniques and people are finally beginning to see the tyranny that has been slowly, incrementally installed since 9/11. This isn't about Clinton, Bush or Obama, it is about your RIGHT to be secure in your persons without the threat of your privacy, your dignity and your humanity, being violated! Forget your politics for a moment and remember your Constitution. Resist! Where tyranny is concerned, a rebellious opposition is always a certainty.

Acta Non Verba,
Republic of Florida
By Joseph Weierheiser

Friday, November 20, 2015

Some Reasons for Poor Indian Government Medical Facilities

India after China is rated to be one of the biggest economies in the world. But, the government medical facilities are even worse than the poor countries of Africa like Uganda. The main reason for this is corruption and the apathetic nature amongst the government officials. Most of the government officials get a job in India after paying a hefty amount of bribe to the selection authorities. Usually, this amount is at least equivalent to their 2-4 year salaries. After bribing their way into the prestigious government medical jobs, most of the government officials try to recover the money they have spent on the bribe by any means possible. This could be embezzlement of government funds, shady deals with medicine suppliers, taking bribe from others etc.

The main reason most of the people want to get a government job is that it is permanent till the age of 62-65 years. Even if you do not work at all at your government job, there will be no penal action taken as there is hardly any system of accountability instituted by the government.

There are practically no government old age homes which would care for the elderly. The medical insurance costs for the elderly are very high. Old age people rely completely on their children for medical care. And, if some old person does not have children then that person would literally experience hell during the last stages of his/ her life.

Most of the government hospitals are quite unhygienic. The sewage and waste water drainage system in most of the cities is very bad or non-existent. This causes a lot of viral diseases like dengue fever, malaria, H1N1 virus etc. to occur. The government hospitals are severely less staffed and ill-equipped to serve the population of India. In most of the prominent government hospitals, the waiting time to see a doctor is in months. This means that, if you are sick today, then after few months you will get to see the doctor.

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