Tuesday, July 12, 2005

PUPD Annoucement

Annoucement from Public University Police Department:

The new Internet phone system was implemented on 7/12/05. Internet traffic would normally have not been affected due to the phone system being housed on a seperate server.

However, someone stuck a pair of dirty shorts and a half-eaten sandwich in the campus Internet vent. This led to back-pressure building which initiated our automatic shut-down procedure.

A Haz-Mat team is working to remove the shorts and our IT department is hoping to have the system re-started before Spring Break. Until then all Internet service will have the equivelent speed of a 28.8 k dial-up modem or a science library associate at "work."

Please note that PUPD has set up a command center in the campus Starbucks. Anyone with tips is instructed to contact us there because no one can figure out how to use the new phones.

Can you hear me now?

Thank you for your support and patience during this trying crisis.

Bill Bigsby,
Deputy Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Police

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