Friday, November 20, 2015

Some Reasons for Poor Indian Government Medical Facilities

India after China is rated to be one of the biggest economies in the world. But, the government medical facilities are even worse than the poor countries of Africa like Uganda. The main reason for this is corruption and the apathetic nature amongst the government officials. Most of the government officials get a job in India after paying a hefty amount of bribe to the selection authorities. Usually, this amount is at least equivalent to their 2-4 year salaries. After bribing their way into the prestigious government medical jobs, most of the government officials try to recover the money they have spent on the bribe by any means possible. This could be embezzlement of government funds, shady deals with medicine suppliers, taking bribe from others etc.

The main reason most of the people want to get a government job is that it is permanent till the age of 62-65 years. Even if you do not work at all at your government job, there will be no penal action taken as there is hardly any system of accountability instituted by the government.

There are practically no government old age homes which would care for the elderly. The medical insurance costs for the elderly are very high. Old age people rely completely on their children for medical care. And, if some old person does not have children then that person would literally experience hell during the last stages of his/ her life.

Most of the government hospitals are quite unhygienic. The sewage and waste water drainage system in most of the cities is very bad or non-existent. This causes a lot of viral diseases like dengue fever, malaria, H1N1 virus etc. to occur. The government hospitals are severely less staffed and ill-equipped to serve the population of India. In most of the prominent government hospitals, the waiting time to see a doctor is in months. This means that, if you are sick today, then after few months you will get to see the doctor.

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