Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Poverty: Unsettled Social Dilemma of the Philippines

Poverty ranks high among the unsettled social dilemma of the Philippines that exist until today. It is one of the longest recorded predicaments that struck the economy of the Philippine government.

Poverty can be observed in every corner of the Philippine archipelago and it is craving for a sustainable solution.

"Biyaheng Totoo", a documentary program aired on the widely watched television network in the Philippines, GMA-7, featured the poorest provinces of the Philippines. On the report, it can be reflected that there is an absence of quality roads for transportation, security, electricity, good shelter and foods.

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo introduced the small and medium enterprise development agenda during her term of office believing that it was a key engine that would help boost the Philippine economy, but the program failed to uplift the means of living for both people residing in the urban areas and in the country side.

What is wrong with the Philippine government that it cannot bring their people to the next ladder of economic gain? Is it because of the uncontrolled practices of corruption in the government offices? Or the blame can be thrown to individual person for not striving hard to earn a quality living? These are just a few questions that continue to bother the minds of an individual.

Populace especially those living in far-flung areas look immune with this kind of social dilemma. The poverty scenario that these people have been experiencing for a long period of time makes them believe that whatever amount of effort they exert to earn a good living does no good to them. There's no denying that it is a reality happening in the Philippine Islands but it seems like the government is deaf and blind to the true situation.

Despite the billion dollar remittances from Filipinos working abroad to the Philippine government, still, the majority of Filipinos persist to suffer from poverty.

Some of the few factors attributed to this pressing problem are the malignant sickness of corruption, the large amount of debt in the World Bank, the lack of political will, improper handling of funds, the no transparency of government transactions and the deficiency of technical support from the government.

This poverty dilemma that hardly lingers in the government of the Philippines really needs attention and in-depth analysis why it continues to devastate the majority of the Filipino people.

Today, the Aquino's administration has been challenged by this social predicament that has been standing ever since in the forefront of the society.

He is a poet and he authored the poetry book: Whisper of Life. He is an avid lover of poetry and born and raised in Surigao City, Philippines. He earned two baccalaureate degrees: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Science in Criminology. He has also earned 36 academic units in Master of Public Administration. He is a registered criminologist. Please visit his website @
By Cesar Gealogo

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