Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Capitalism at work

Now this article is just sad.

Man gets the poop on outsourcing
Relles, one of a rising number of Americans seeking new opportunities as their work shifts to countries with cheaper labor, has spent the past year making his living scooping up dog droppings as the "Delmar Dog Butler"... "My parents paid for me to get a (degree) in math and now I am a pooper scooper"
Now if this isn't a rationalization I don't know what is:
St. Bernard (dogs) are my favorite customers since they poop in large piles which are easy to find," Relles said.
I've said it before and I'm going to keep saying it:
Fundamentalists in the US are often great supporters of capitalism and traditional values. However, a historical/sociological study of business and the industrial age shows that capitalism and globalism is arguably AS GREAT a threat to tradition as secularization is.

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